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10 types of chocolate and how to eat it

Chocolate that unique and charming presto, that unparalleled flavor, the one that befits everything, the one that no one can resist the taste of ... The description of chocolate is complicated, so we have to skip it. If you start expressing it, I will never be able to stop, and let's move on to get to know On 10 of the world's best types of chocolate.

types of chocolate

Many companies are famous for the production of chocolate, and there are also countries themselves that are on the throne of chocolate, but the following are the most important and strongest 10 types of chocolate, and what distinguishes each of them. In addition to a unique and different way to eat each type, so you are on the date with a delicious article.

The best types of chocolate and how to eat it

Here is a list of the best types of chocolate from around the world, information about each of them, as well as unique ways to eat them.

1 - Kit Kat

kit kat chocolate

Of the types of English chocolate, it was manufactured for the first time in the "Rowntree" factory and that was in 1935 AD, and then its ownership was transferred to the "Nestle" company in 1988 AD, while in the United States it was manufactured in "Hershey".

Kitkat chocolate is a crispy striped cookie striped with rich milk chocolate, and topped with smooth chocolate. It is characterized by many sizes and shapes, and recently many new flavors and types have been launched.

How to eat it

  • Cheesecake can be prepared based on Kitkat fingers, just by forming a row of it at the bottom of the plate intended for preparing the cheesecake, then placing the cake mixture, and finally it is baked in the oven, and after it cools, it is cut and served, and the mold can be decorated by placing a piece or group From small parts to the surface.

2 - Mars

Mars chocolate

An English chocolate produced by the United Mars Company for the manufacture of chocolate and candies, and it was launched for the first time in 1932. It is distinguished by its unique shape and its cover, which was designed with the aim of being exclusive and as a distinctive mark of Chocolate Mars, and this contributed to the increase in its popularity.

Mars chocolate consists of a delicious mixture of comfort with almond butter and soft almonds, in addition to a layer of caramel mixed with honey, and finally milk rich chocolate, and it is worth noting that there are not many types of these chocolates.

How to eat it

  • You can prepare a chocolate crepe by placing a piece of Mars chocolate in the middle of a circle of crepe and wrapping it in a distinctive shape, and then frying it for a few minutes in vegetable oil, and then it must be left on a piece of tissue paper intended to absorb the oils, and it is eaten with a little fruit and a workshop Caster sugar and chocolate.

3 - Galaxy

Galaxy chocolate

Also Galaxy of English chocolates, which is produced by "Mars United for Chocolate and Confectionery". This chocolate is very popular in both the Middle East, Ireland and the United Kingdom, in addition to India.

There are many different shapes, sizes and flavors that distinguish Galaxy chocolate, such as: chocolate with crunchy biscuit chips, or chocolate with different types of nuts such as pistachios or hazelnuts.

How to eat it

  • You can prepare dates stuffed with chocolate by cutting Galaxy chocolate into small pieces and placing them in a suitable dish, removing the date seeds from a number of beads, and then filling each date with a piece of chocolate.

  • It is also possible to defrost a little galaxy (in the microwave for a few seconds) and cover the stuffed dates with it, and eat it after it cools.



Italian chocolate produced by the Italian company “Ferrero” was produced for the first time in 1981, and it ranked first in the world ranking according to the MOT, after surpassing the largest number of votes. And recently it is considered one of the highest selling types of chocolate in the world as a whole.

It is characterized by many types, including "Ferrero Jardin" stuffed with coconut, pistachio, almond, or hazelnut, or fruit-stuffed types such as "Ferrero Ame", and perhaps the most famous type is "Ferrero Ravello".

How to eat it

  • You can prepare a cake mold from it and decorate it with it by: first adding a few pieces of chocolate to the cake mixture while whisking, and then continuing to prepare the cake with chocolate as usual, and after the cake is baked it is decorated by covering it with a layer of melted chocolate (either with water vapor) Or after putting it in the microwave for a few seconds.

  • Chocolate balls (Ferrero) are distributed around the cake pan, and the entire surface of the cake can be covered with it, and finally another amount of melted chocolate can be added to the balls.



One of the best and most famous Swiss chocolate, which was first produced in 1908 by "Tobler".

What increased the popularity of this chocolate at its first appearance was the idea of ​​the name, as it is a mixture between the name of its creator, "Triller" and the name of a delicious and beloved Swiss dessert for everyone, "Torun".

The flavors of this brand vary between dark black chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and are distinguished by its famous triangular shape, and for nearly 40 years, toys and figures have been manufactured in the form of this chocolate.

How to eat it

  • You can cut chocolate into small triangles and add it to a fruit salad that contains bright and varied colors, and then distribute a little cream with melted chocolate or cream on the surface of the plate, and serve it after it cools.

  • You can also try coffee with chocolate by placing a few toblerone triangles at the bottom of your coffee cup, and then preparing the espresso in a different container, and then pouring it over the chocolate (espresso can be substituted for Nescafe or hot cocoa).

6 - Lindt & Sprigley

Lindt chocolate

Most famous luxury Swiss brand, one of the best chocolate in Switzerland. It was produced in 1845 for the first time and was under the supervision of the "Lindt & Spruigli Swiss Chocolate Company", and it was ranked first in the year 1880 in the region.

There are many types and are characterized by many flavors, and perhaps the best ones are those that depend on dried fruits such as chocolate with oranges, or that mix different and exotic flavors such as mint chocolate.

How to eat it

  • One of the best types of chocolate that can be eaten in a different and unique way. You can prepare a tart based on it by distributing the tart dough as usual and then distributing a few pieces of this chocolate over the dough.

  • Chocolate cake can be prepared without the need for the oven by mixing a quantity of this chocolate with cream and biscuits, pouring the mixture into a suitable mold, placing it in the refrigerator for a few hours, then decorating it with a little chocolate, and eating it.

7 - Ghirardelli


The most popular and best-selling type of chocolate around the world, the Italian brand was launched for the first time in 1852 and was under the supervision of the Ghirardley Company mainly in the United States, and it was not long before it moved to various countries.

It features more than 50 different types of chocolate, some of which are pieces of plain chocolate (milk, dark or white chocolate), and others stuffed with fruit or nuts and nut butter in addition to cream.

How to eat it

  • Since it is a type of chocolate that contains caramel, it can be made very fun to eat by crushing an appropriate amount of nuts (unsalted) and mixing them well with chocolate using an electric mixer.

  • Then the mixture is distributed in circles in a tray designated for the oven after covering it with parchment paper, and these pieces are baked for a few minutes in the oven at a suitable temperature until they become crunchy. Then it is separated from the parchment paper and kept in a suitable container in the refrigerator, and it is eaten after it cools.

8 - GuyLian


It is one of the best types of chocolate and was manufactured for the first time in 1960 in Belgium by "Guy Wuppert". Perhaps what distinguished her was the sincere love that she represented between "J" and his wife, who was called "Lilian", as the name of chocolate is a mixture of the two.

There is no parallel to this chocolate, as its shape is a collection of shells of various sizes and styles, stuffed with almond cream with sweetened almonds, which are placed in a very luxurious box, making it look as if it was actually brought from the sea.

How to eat it

  • Julien's shellfish chocolate is one of the most suitable and one of the best brands of chocolate that can be used in decorating desserts and not in preparing them. For example, you can prepare a sponge cake with the addition of a few drops of blue and white food coloring, and then bake a cake pan. Then the chocolate pieces were distributed in a distinctive way, forming what resembled waves of the sea with whipped cream.

  • You can also prepare a simple sweet by mixing egg white with sugar (meringue) and distributing it in small circles, placing a piece of this chocolate on each circle, and baking it for a few minutes, and it appears in the form of shells with white stones.

9 - Patchi


Luxurious Lebanese chocolate that was produced in 1974 by "Nizar Sugar" and then spread, until it reached the world, especially as it simulates the standards of its Belgian, Swiss and Italian chocolate industries.

There are more than 45 varieties of these chocolate, including the stuffed and gentlemen, some of which combine fruit, chocolate and biscuits, and some depend on nuts and their butter.

How to eat it

  • You can eat this chocolate with fruits such as strawberries by melting one piece of Patchi chocolate by exposing it to the rising water vapor. Or by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds, freezing a little strawberry, and eating it with chocolate.

10 - Cadbury


Chocolate produced by the English company "Joe Cadbury", launched in 1824, and ranked second in the list of the best and most famous types of chocolate. And that was for two consecutive cycles.

It is characterized by many sizes and shapes, but milk chocolate is its most popular product, and recently “DARY MILK” chocolate bars have been launched and a distinct advertising campaign has been organized to introduce it and increase its level of spread.

How to eat it

  • Prepare a dough (beef pastry, for example) and sprinkle it with a little sugar, then cut it into small parts and fill it with a piece of chocolate, then distribute it in the oven tray, and bake for a few minutes, and it is characterized by its wonderful taste, whether hot or cold.

  • Thus, you became aware of the best types of international chocolate, because it is irresistible, and because it is necessary to eat it in order to obtain the benefits it provides for heart health, weight and psychological state. All you have to do is choose what you like best, try out a new way of eating it, or be creative in creating others.

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