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All you need to know about the apple m1 MacBook Pro 2020

 Apple m1 MacBook Pro. The device that came with something completely different that no one expected.

apple m1 macbook pro review

apple m1 MacBook Pro

The apple m1 MacBook Pro, a slim and easy-to-move laptop, features Apple's m1 processor, which was the first processor manufactured by Apple for computers. This processor is supposed to provide high efficiency, with less power consumption than any processor previously present in MacBook Pro devices, and frankly I was shocked when I used this device.

  • The design

The important thing is that the laptop in terms of design has never differed, as some believe that Apple has missed the opportunity to release a new design with this new processor. But from Apple's point of view, the design is very beautiful and does not need to be modified, and the issue of adhering to the design is a matter for Babylon, and you have a choice whether or not to accept the design.

On my part, I see it as a beautiful design and a clear identity, on the back side comes the apple logo, and on the front comes a screen that occupies the largest part of the face.

The laptop is made of aluminum and 100% recyclable materials, according to Apple.

The MacBook Pro, as previously mentioned, is a thinner device, weighing 1.4kg.

  • keyboard

In terms of the keyboard, it comes with a keyboard that Apple calls the backlit magic keyboard. After experimenting, we found that the distribution of the buttons in it is appropriate. Offers satisfactory smoothness, and repeatability just didn't happen with me on this keyboard.

The panel comes with a touch bar touch bar located above the keyboard. It provides helpful, adjustable shortcuts, and easy access to some commands.

Also next to the touch bar, there is a touch id sensor built into the operation button. You can turn the device on and off with this button as well, and the user can use the fingerprint in payment services such as apple pay. And after the experience, the response and fluidity are very good.

The touch pad is wide and takes up a lot of space to make it easy to use. It also supports gestures and multi-touch, such as page navigation, zooming, and quick access to shortcuts, such as widgets, among others.

  • the screen

The screen size is 13.3 inches, IPS type, and its specifications are as follows:

Retina display | ips 13.3 inch

2560 x 1600 227 ppi | 500 nits true tone.

It has a density of 227 pixels per inch and supports true tone technology.

  •  the processor

The MacBook Pro comes with an eight-core m1 processor. The apple m1 processor comes with four cores that will give the strongest performance in use, and another four for efficiency. It will give adequate performance in daily use, and it is supposed to consume less energy.

The graphic processor comes with eight cores, and the npu comes with the equivalent of 16 cores.

In the geekbench 5 tests, the processor scored 1744 points for a single core, and in the multi-core it scored 7655 points. Here is a comparison between MacBook air and macbook Pro M1 and Huawei Matebook X.

  • RAM and storage space

The MacBook Pro M1 comes with either 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM. The storage space comes from 256 GB to 2 TB, and of course all of it is of SSD type.

  • applications

The Apple applications that we are accustomed to with Mac devices, have become significantly faster than before. Some applications that work on all Apple devices, such as the Twitter application, which works with almost all its features, and with the same smoothness everywhere. This type of application is called by Apple called universal apps, or universal apps, and there are official updates for many applications to support the m1 processor on a daily basis.

Applications that have not yet been updated will work with Apple's Rosetta 2 software. This program that makes applications that run on the Intel processor work on the m1 processor without any interference from them, but for sure, when you download a copy of the m1 processor, the performance will be better and better.

You will notice that some applications will have to wait in the process of updating, in order to use them better. Information I would like to mention only, is that the processor is new and it is natural that some unofficial applications from Apple will not work completely efficiently, and there will be problems in use. That is why I put a link for you to know which applications are compatible or not.

You also need to evaluate whether the apps you are using are appropriate on the MacBook Pro M1, and whether or not the processor is suitable.

  • the battery

The performance of the battery improved very significantly, and it became operational for a much longer time compared to the same device with an Intel processor.

According to Apple, the battery lasts for the equivalent of 17 hours of surfing the Internet, and 20 hours of watching the content.

According to most experiences, we found that there is agreement that a single charge is sufficient for two days of average daily use in comfort. And of course, we're talking about using good periods.

  • Ports

The device's ports are unchanged, as the MacBook Pro M1 comes with a headphone jack and two thunderbolt 3 Type-c ports. The contents of the box are a laptop and a charger.

Pros and Cons

MacBook Pro M1 Pros, the design is elegant, and we are accustomed to it from Apple. The performance of the processor is excellent, and we will see great support for it in the future from the developers.

Also, battery performance differs from Intel devices and this is good, and also support for iOS applications and greater and better compatibility of Apple applications.

The things I hoped would be better and I do not consider them to be negative, is that some applications did not work yet, and the update may come to support all applications.

As usual, with devices like the MacBook Pro in smaller sizes and MacBook Air, they don't have enough ports, just two ports on the side. Certainly, you must purchase connector parts and accessories, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of connecting the device with a network cable, external screen, or other things.

Apple's move with the MacBook Pro M1 remains very powerful.