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New makeup ideas to bring out the beauty of the complexion

Many women are keen to find innovative and renewed makeup ideas, so in today's article we offer a bouquet of attractive suggestions to complement your beauty look for the next season.

makeup ideas

Day makeup ideas for white skinned women

To choose day makeup ideas, some women make a lot of mistakes, because it differs greatly from evening or evening makeup.

The purpose of applying make-up is to highlight the beauty of the skin while maintaining a natural look that suits the day.

Makeup ideas for fair or white skinned women.

1- Nude makeup is among the best day makeup ideas

 Apply a tinted moisturizer to the skin like a BB Cream to get light and smooth coverage.

As for the eyes, apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow to the upper eyelid, then pass the light brown to the lower lash line.

Apply a dash of white matte shadow at the inner corner of the eye.

Apply shiny nude lipstick on the lips without contouring.

Nude makeup

2- Light makeup

Unify the skin color by applying a moisturizing cream and a light tint, as for the eyes, you can use light beige shades on the upper eyelids.

Apply a light pink lipstick for some highlights. Don't forget to define and style your brows neatly.

Light makeup

3- Simple shiny makeup

Apply a tinted moisturizing cream on the skin, then apply a shiny, nude shade as desired on the upper eyelid and pull it out of the eye.

Show the beauty of your lashes by applying two coats of black mascara. As for the lip make-up, apply a bright blush in a very light color to keep the look soft.

Simple shiny makeup

Fashionable and attractive eye makeup ideas

1- Gradient and colorful eye makeup

Shade the upper eyelid with nude shades such as brown or light beige, then apply green eyeshadow from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye to make it drawn and tilted up.

colorful eye makeup

Make a thin line of black eyeliner and apply a pink blush and lipstick.

2- Graphic eyeliner with highlights

If you have almond eyes, you can get a charming eye look by applying the graphic eyeliner in black and filling it with prominent shades such as azure.

Apply a light, shiny shade to the eyes for a bright and spacious look.

Choose a dark red color with a touch of pink blush.

Graphic eyeliner with highlights

3- Colorful eye makeup

 You can simply choose one of the bright eyeshadow colors and apply it all over the upper eyelid while drawing a thin line of eyeliner all over the upper lash line.

Slide the black eyeliner pencil into the eye and at the lower lash line.

Apply a red lipstick with a pink blush.

Colorful eye makeup

4- Prominent colored eye makeup

Do you want to have an innovative makeup look? Spread orange shades in consistent gradients, then draw a white eyeliner.

Don't forget to apply a pink blush with a bronze blush.

Prominent colored eye makeup