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the best dishwasher you can buy in 2021

dishwasher are one of the best inventions of the modern era, and they have become one of the main appliances in every home in the past few years, due to the great time and effort they save.

the best dishwasher

 In addition to being energy and water saving as well, so it is one of the best investments that you could invest in your home, and there are now hundreds of dishwasher options available, so in the following lines we will help you choose the best dishwasher available at the moment.

For some people, choosing from the available products may be difficult, which is why we researched the best dishwasher on the market.

 And we compared them in terms of specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each one of them to offer you the best dishwasher, in order to help you choose the most suitable and most suitable for your needs.

Choosing a dishwasher that suits your needs and budget can be difficult with all these models presented, and to make it easier, we will review the following 3 best dishwasher at the moment, so that you make your decision and choose the most suitable for your needs and your budget.

Comparison of the best dishwasher available at the moment

1. Bosch dishwasher

Color: Gray | Cabinet material: Stainless Steel | Number of washing programs: 6 programs

Washing machine weight: 54 kg | Capacity: 13 persons.

Bosch dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher is characterized by its efficiency and the variety of washing programs it offers, it supports 6 unique programs that suit all your dishwashing needs. Don't worry if you are in a hurry, as this Bosch washing machine will enable you to wash a full range of dishes in record time.

The washing machine includes a stainless steel cabinet that can accommodate 13 persons, which enables you to wash a large amount of dishes in a very short time, and one of the most important advantages of this washing machine is the EcoSilence Drive technology that is characterized by Bosch products, which makes it energy-saving and environmentally friendly at the same time.


6 washing programs
Capacity of 13 persons
EcoSilence Drive technology
AquaSensor technology that helps save water
LoadSensor technology


Its price is higher than washing machines available with similar specifications

2. Electrolux dishwasher, with a capacity of 13 persons

Color: White | Cabinet Material: Metal | Number of washing programs: 7 programs

Washing machine weight: 40 kg | Capacity: 13 persons.

Electrolux dishwasher

This washing machine from Electrolux is fully integrated with the exclusive Electrolux Comfort Lift System that facilitates dishwashing.

 The Comfort Lift System allows you to reach dishes easier than ever before, as it allows you to lift the lower rack up to the top, making loading and unloading easier.

The washing machine also comes with a capacity of 13 persons with several assistive technologies, as well as energy and water saving.

And it comes with the ability to set dishwashing appointments up to 24 hours from the start time, making the dishwashing process more economical and easier than before.


 Washing programs
Capacity of 13 persons
Energy and water saving
Ability to set play time
Comfort Lift technology



3. Ariston dishwasher, 14 place settings

Color: Silver | Cabinet Material: Metal | Number of washing programs: 9 programs

Washing machine weight: 58 kg | Capacity: 14 persons.

Ariston dishwasher

This Ariston dishwasher features many amazing features such as the presence of 9 programs of operation that allow you to wash your dishes perfectly.

 In addition, it accommodates 14 persons, which will enable you to wash an entire set of dishes in a short time.

The innovative Inverter Motor incorporated in this washing machine is characterized by its ability to change the spin speed, which increases cleaning power.

 In addition to the electronic control ability that enables it to precisely control water sprinklers and direct water to the right place at the right time.

Thanks to the unique Flexiload technology, this washer gives you complete flexibility in how you arrange your dishes inside the washing machine.

Its design contains removable shelves and shelves that are easy to move to increase the interior space, and make it easy to place all crockery also inside the washing machine.


9 washing programs
Capacity of 14 people
Flexiload technology
Ability to set play time
Inverter motor to increase cleaning power


We did not find any defects

What should you keep in mind before purchasing a new dishwasher?

When buying a new dishwasher, you will find hundreds of products on the market, and you will also find many comparisons between these products, their specifications, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

 But you probably won't know what the optimum specifications are or what differentiates all of these products from one another.

 That is why in the following lines we will present to you several things that you must take into account and take into account when you compare your dishwashers between the different types of dishwashers.

1. Capacitance

Capacity is the first consideration. An 18 ”dishwasher may be well suited for a small family, as it can accommodate two or three person plates.

 As for the 24-inch dishwashers, they are best suited for large families as they accommodate 12 to 14 persons, so this should be taken into consideration in order to choose the best fit for your needs.

2. Energy saving

Each dishwasher will find an energy rating system called Energy Star, which is CEE certified, and the higher the washing machine rating, the more energy efficient it will be.

Today, dishwashers run more efficiently, but they take longer to wash, which uses more energy and water.

 That's why some washing machines have features and technologies that help them save water and energy.

Look for a dishwasher that is rated highly on the Energy Star system to save energy and water, as in the long term that will make the difference.

3. The possibility of getting rid of leftovers

Certainly, this possibility will be a high priority for you, so who among us would prefer to spend time and effort disposing of food leftovers by hand before putting the dishes in the washing machine?

 This feature was invented and is present in some washing machines that automatically dispose of food residues during the initial rinse cycle, so that these residues are not scattered and clean dishes become dirty later during the final rinse cycle.

While some other washing machines contain filters to get rid of food residues, they need to be removed and cleaned by hand, and of course we recommend washing machines that do this automatically to save time and effort.

4. Dishwashing programs

Make sure that the dishwasher you are thinking of purchasing contains basic washing programs, the most important of which are the following:

Light dish washing program
Program for washing pots and pans
Economic program (significantly saves energy and water)

It may also contain some additional programs such as a dishwashing program, glassware, a quick wash program, rinsing, drying and sterilization tools, which are washing programs that you would like to have in your dishwasher, but will require more cash as well.

The best brands of dishwashers

1. LG

LG was incorporated in the late 1950s - specifically in 1958 - in South Korea under the name GoldStar.

 Since then it has become one of the largest and most successful electronic device manufacturers in the world, before changing its name to Lucky-GoldStar in 1995 and then to its current name LG Electronics.

LG dishwashers are characterized by their high performance, they contain many controls and distinctive features in addition to their elegant shape.

2. Samsung

Samsung Electronics was established in South Korea in 1969 within the Samsung Group, and has taken a prominent global position among the manufacturers of electronic devices of various kinds.

 Samsung has imposed its domination of the electronics field for many years, and there is a high possibility that there are several devices produced by Samsung in your home!

Samsung has a strong dishwasher division, which has quickly climbed among the best dishwasher brands and has taken a place among them. Samsung is distinguished by its use of scientific research and permanent development of its products to make the dishwashing process better and more economical in terms of energy and effort.

3. Bosch

4. Ariston

5. Maytag

the best dishwasher

After looking at the best dishwasher available at the present time and comparing the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, and after we touched on the most important things that need to be considered when buying a new dishwasher. We can say that the Ariston LFO 3c23 WF X washing machine won our admiration for its exemplary features and numerous features.

 Also because its financial value is very high and budget friendly and outperforms most products of that price category.

With a capacity of 14 persons and the presence of 9 different washing programs, Ariston guarantees a better and easier dishwashing experience than ever before by having this product in your kitchen.

The most important of these programs are as follows:

Energy saving
Light dishwashing
Quick wash
Dish sterilization
Noise reduction
Rinse and dry

Auxiliary technologies in the cleaning process:

Flexiload technology
Inverter Motor Technology
3D Zone Wash
Delay Timer technology