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Natural and attractive makeup ideas that suit all women

Wearing a face mask when leaving the house, during this period, has become necessary to prevent the emerging corona virus.

Which obliges women to take care of their skin, especially the exposed area of the face, by applying sunscreen, when going out during the afternoon period, and other skin care products.

makeup ideas

 Some girls may feel confused when applying make-up, especially in the eye area, so a report published on the British newspaper "Metro" newspaper pointed out some makeup ideas for eye while wearing a face mask.

Eye makeup ideas while wearing a face mask

Color match with face mask

Whether the girl wears a blue or pink mask, or any other color, she can apply eye shadow that matches the color of the face mask, such as applying a pink color and drawing some butterflies over the eye, such as painted in the face mask.

Classic cat eye drawing

It is also preferred to draw the classic cat's eye, by drawing a line on the eye to the outer edge of the eyebrow, and different colors or black liner can be used to highlight the eye, and this method requires focus and mastery while drawing.

Focus on eyelashes

It is also preferable to focus on the eyelashes by using a good type of mascara, and this is the easiest way as it does not take much time, and it is advised to warm the curly eyelashes a little using a hairdryer.

but do not make it too hot to burn so as to curl the hair before applying mascara.

 Black eyeliner also helps to draw the upper waterline, to highlight the eye more, and instead of that, borrow eyelashes can be used, one of the good types.

 while not forgetting to put eyelashes under the eye, in order to help women get a distinctive look while wearing a face mask.

Colors of the rainbow

The colors of the rainbow can be used when drawing the eyes, through the use of different colors for eye shadows, but with adherence to accuracy when drawing.

Natural and attractive makeup ideas that suit everyone

Natural or simple makeup is this trend that has become in vogue in recent years. In it, you rely on specific shades or specific makeup elements without others.

makeup ideas 2021

So as we welcome spring, we decided to share with you a handful of natural makeup ideas that suit every girl this season.

1- Shimmer eyeshadow

A little bit of shine won't hurt your look. Using luminous eyeshadows would be a great idea for your evening look. You can complement your look with a nude lipstick and a neutral blush. After all, it will make your eyes come alive, not make them look pale.

2- French makeup look

Personally, I am very much a fan of this look. So, I advise you to use the French look during these two seasons. For example, you can wear lipstick with a nice shade, and leave out the rest of the makeup. Thus, you get a radiant complexion and an attractive natural look.

3- The winter and spring makeup shades

As you know, dark tones always dominate everything from clothes to makeup. So you can go for a dark lipstick and maybe a burgundy blush, too. And make sure that either of them will make the appearance of your skin commensurate with the surroundings.

4- Blush with highlighter

Another great trick, the best of which is to use a light and light blush, while applying highlighter to the cheeks, nose and top of the lips, and giving up the rest of the makeup, or just using a light pink lipstick. This look is very well suited to your morning looks, whether at work, university or otherwise.

5- Calm nude make-up

I think nude makeup is basically there to achieve a natural makeup look. Use nude shades in lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. You can apply eyeliner if you want more shine to your eyes. All this will make you have a calm and simple lock.

6- bright colors in the shadows of the eyelids

You can also break the rule and be tempted to try different things. What do you think, for example, by applying eyeshadows in bright shades? Well, try green, blue, and yellow shades. The rest of the make-up should be of calm nude shades.

7- Smoky eye make-up

Don't be surprised, there are smokey makeup that has a very natural look. When you want to enjoy this look, start by drawing a very thin line of eyeliner and mix it with a dark brown eyeshadow.



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