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best washing machine With long life and outstanding performance 2021

Some people may think that buying a best washing machine-may seem easy. but of course, it needs to research and compare the products on the market, and compare the specifications of each washing machine to your needs and budget, just like buying any other product.

best washing machine

-That's why we've carefully researched and compared the best products out there today to help you buy the best washing machine that exists today.

Washing machines are evolving day by day and improving their capabilities and specifications very quickly, and this has become noticeable to everyone in the past few years, but their price is also increasing until the purchase of a new washing machine has become very expensive.

-That is why follow the next lines to see the specifications of each product and specify your needs and budget and compare them with each other so that you can choose the best washing machine-that is most suitable for you.

Comparison of the best washing machines available on the market at the moment

1. Best Front Loading Washing Machine: LG

-Maximum load (washing): 17 kg | Maximum load (drying): 10 kg | Rotation speed: 1000 rpm.

washing machine LG

This washing machine features many modern technologies that make it very special one of the most important of these technologies is the Separate Wash technology, which enables the washing machine to wash two different types of clothes, so that you get clean clothes in record time.

-For example, you can wash colored woolen clothes in the main component of the best washing machine, and at the same time wash white cotton wool clothes in the separate attachment, and the washing machine finishes the wash cycle in just 49 minutes.

LG has also provided this model with TrueSteam technology, which works to protect clothes from germs causing allergies of all kinds. And that by maintaining a healthy environment free from allergens.

It is also distinguished by its ability to reduce noise and reduce vibrations during the spinning process in particular, and as a result, the motor needs less energy and thus consumes less electricity.


High speed
Separate Wash or TwinWash technology supports washing two types of clothes simultaneously
The ability to eliminate allergens with TrueSteam technology
Noise reduction
Reducing electricity consumption


The high cost
Its size is great

2. Best top loading washing machine: Samsung

Maximum load (washing): 16 kg | Maximum load (drying): 9 kg | Spin speed: 1100 rpm.

washing machine samsung

This distinctive Samsung washing machine comes with a distinctive design that combines modernity and small size, but with a wash load of 16 kg. The best washing machine-features Activ-Dualwash technology that allows you to wash delicate clothes by hand or remove large stains before starting the washing process.

Top load washers are designed to put laundry in a standing position without the need to bend over to reduce back and neck pain.

Samsung has equipped this model with EcoBubble technology, which ensures a vigorous cleaning process even at low temperatures. The washing powder is converted into bubbles that are able to penetrate the various fabrics of the clothes and remove dirt easily, while also providing fabric protection and energy saving.


Equipped with Activ-Dualwash Technology that allows you to wash delicate clothes
Equipped with energy-saving Eco Bubble technology and auxiliary cleaning process
Smart control of washing process
Reducing noise and reducing vibration


The chassis scratches easily

3. LG Twin Washer

Maximum load (washing): 22.5 kg | Maximum load (drying): 11 kg | Spin speed: 1100 rpm.

LG Twin Washer

LG washer has the ability to analyze and eliminate dirt automatically using the internet due to its being able to connect to the internet wirelessly. It is also equipped with TrueSteam technology that helps eliminate allergens from clothes.

Also equipped with technologies like Separate Wash and 6D motion to remove dirt from all types of fabrics and clothes without having to separate the laundry from one another.


Equipped with Separate Wash technology and 6D motion.
Equipped with TrueSteam technology that helps eliminate allergens
Intelligent control of washing process and automatic dirt removal and analysis
Reducing noise and reducing vibration


The size is too large

What should you consider before purchasing a new best washing machine?

After comparing some of the best washing machine available in the market at the moment, we will try in the following lines to guide you towards choosing the best washing machine, please make sure that you follow the following steps:

1. Identify your own needs

First, make sure that you choose the right size for you and your family, based on the number of family members, the number of times you will need to wash during the week, as well as the size and weight of the clothes to be washed.

If the number of family members ranges between 4-5, for example, you may need a best washing machine-with a load capacity of 9 kg at least. But if the family is small and consists of only two people, a load of 7 kg will surely suffice you, and large families usually need washing machines that accommodate 13 kg.

Make sure you calculate the cost of your best washing machine-correctly. Not only is the cost in the purchase price, but you will need to calculate the running cost of powders, electricity consumption, and more. So you can correctly calculate the cost and future financial requirements.

2. The ability to dry and its relationship to the speed of rotation

The best washing machine-spin speed per minute is measured - as we explained in the models presented above - and the higher the speed of the washing machine spin, the better its drying capacity. As the spin speed per minute removes the excess water after the washing process, which reduces the time needed to dry the clothes.

Spin speeds range most of the time between 1000 to 1800 revolutions per minute, and you may need a best washing machine-with a spin speed of at least 1200-1400 revolutions per minute if you usually need to do the drying process in the shortest time possible.

-But do not forget that the price of the best washing machine-and the noise it makes are directly proportional to the speed of the washing machine.

3. The extent of its energy consumption

Energy consumption and water consumption are one of the factors that you should decide upon in the buying process, and there are many energy saving options with different classifications. Efficiency ratings range from A +++ all the way down to A, and the higher the rating, the lower the energy and water consumption alike.

4. The cylinder volume of the washer

One of the most important factors to consider is the size of the drum of a best washing machine, as it is basically the size of the drum that determines the number of kilograms that the washing machine can bear during the washing process.

-You should know that the cylinder size varies from product to product, and your choice should be based on your needs and nothing else.

How do you choose the right washer cylinder size?

You can find a best washing machine-with a load ranging from 5 to 12 kg, but the most common is 7 kg, and washing machines are also internally measured in cubic feet.

-The load of top-loading washing machines ranges between 3.2 to 6.2, and front-loading washing machines, the load ranges between 4.2 and 5 feet.

5. Choose the right washing powder

There are many types and brands of washing powders, and you can use any of them, whether in liquid, powder, or even gel form. Liquid cleaners are known to be the best because they are ideal for use at lower temperatures and dissolve more easily than other types.

6. General advice and guidance for the buyer

The average life expectancy of best washing machine-ranges from 8 to 14 years

You can help extend the life of your washing machine by cleaning it periodically

Check years of warranty when purchasing

The best energy consumption rating is A +++

If your best washing machine-is near your living room or kitchen, you will need a noise reduction washing machine

What is the difference between top loading washers and front loading washers?

Top loading washers

Are washing machines that open from the top of the cylinder door, and these washing machines are usually less expensive than front-loading washing machines.


There is no need to bend over or kneel to put the clothes in the washer, and it is perfectly suitable for those with back and neck pain or the elderly.

They are usually cheaper than front-loading washers.


It uses about 18 gallons of water in a single wash, which is twice what a front-loading washing machine needs.

The top cylinders are deep, which means that you will need to go down to the bottom of the drum to gather your clothes after washing.

Front loading washers

They are washing machines that open the front of the cylinder door, and these washing machines are known to be softer on delicate fabrics and more energy efficient.


Designed in a modern and elegant way.

It contains a variety of washing programs.

Practical as it involves having a dryer.

They consume much less energy and water than top-loading washers, as the average water consumption is only 8.74 gallons per wash.


They are more expensive than top-loading washers.

You have to crouch and kneel when adding the laundry to the drum.

What is the best washing machine at the moment?

After reviewing the best washing machine out there today and comparing the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each, we have found that the SAMSUNG FlexWash multi-load washer is the best washing machine there is today.

This best washing machine can hold clothes up to 17.5 kg per wash or 9 kg during the drying process.

-Its spin speed reaches 1100 revolutions per minute, which helps in speeding up drying, and it also comes with the distinctive FlexWash technology, which gives it the ability to wash all types of clothes at the same time.

This best washing machine-is also equipped with Eco Bubble technology, which makes the cleaning process more efficient as those bubbles penetrate between the different fabrics of the clothes to completely dissolve and eliminate dirt.