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Five countries are on the throne of chocolate in the world

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The world was and is still enamored with chocolate since 1100 BC, when it was first cultivated by the people of Central America, who were spread in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and they form a nearly unified cultural system.

Here are the best types of chocolate in the world

There is a famous saying about chocolate that says: Nine out of ten people die from chocolate, and ten people lie. If, like me, you are among the group of nine who love chocolate tasting, and who cannot go their day without eating a piece of chocolate ..

On my behalf, I accompany you on a tour around the world, but with the taste of chocolate, the five best tourist places in the world, to which tourists come from all directions, not only because of the beauty of their attractions.

 But to see chocolate factories, and how to prepare them, and there is no objection to tasting their delicious chips ... Are you ready?

1- Switzerland chocolate

The pearl of Europe, which sits on the throne of global chocolate, when you visit it, do not forget to taste the rich chocolate, as the per capita consumption of chocolate in Switzerland is the highest in the world.

Switzerland chocolate 2

 and it has international chocolate companies, including Keelar, nestle, Lynette and Toblerone.

In particular, the city of Zurich is the world's most famous city for the chocolate industry. There are more than 100 types of chocolate that are made from a mixture of nuts, cocoa and fruits.

The secret lies in the quality of the Swiss chocolate in the milk of the cows that graze in the foothills of the Alps.

 For most people, the word Switzerland is equivalent to the phrase "chocolate with milk"; For understandable reasons, this is where Daniel Peter invented the secret of synthesizing Swiss dairy products, Uber, with chocolate.

In the summer months, between June and October, there is a special train called the Swiss Chocolate Train that departs from “Monterey” by Lake Geneva, arriving at Brooke.

 where it arrives at the Nestle Chocolate Factory, passing other tourist food attractions that distinguish Switzerland, and we mean cheese factories, of course.

One of the most important Swiss chocolate museums is the Alprose Museum in Lugano, which produces more than 8,000 tons of chocolate annually.

 and provides the visitor with an opportunity to observe the chocolate production process and how it is manufactured.

The manufacture of chocolate began in Switzerland in the 17th century, and began to spread after the year 1850 AD.

 The most famous brands at that time were "Caillier" Nestlé now, and Toblerone is now famous, and every city in "Switzerland" is distinguished by making a specific type of chocolate, which is dedicated to all occasions.

2- The taste of chocolate in Belgium

Which is considered a paradise for chocolate, as it includes 12 factories in addition to 16 museums of chocolate, and 2,100 commercial stores selling chocolate, and it produces more than 172,000 tons of chocolate annually.

chocolate in Belgium3

The Belgian chocolate industry has become world-famous, after the invention of "praline", in 1912 AD, which is a piece of chocolate stuffed with cream flavored with coffee, nougat, nuts, or anything that is delicious.

thanks to an idea invented by a Swiss pharmacist called "Jean Neuhaus", who immigrated to "Belgium." He opened a pharmacy in the center of “Brussels” and sold medicines covered with a layer of chocolate; To cover the bitterness of the medicine.

Thus, the Belgian "Berlin" was invented, to be referred to later as the most famous manufacturer of Belgian chocolate, and the owner of the most famous brands, the pride of Belgian chocolate.

Tourism in the Belgian capital “Brussels” does not mean anything if you do not visit the chocolate shops scattered in the city, the most important of which is the Place du Grand Sablon.

 where many Belgian chocolate stores await you, an experience that you will get out of it full of happiness and joy, and how many calories are ok Excess thermal.

You can also tour the Godiva Chocolatier Center in Brussels, which is one of the oldest chocolate centers, in addition to the most famous chocolate shops in Brussels, including Wittamer.

If you want to know the history of chocolate, the "Story Museum" is the place to go, where you look at the details and history of chocolate, whether historical or geographical information, in addition to presenting a series of recipes that can be included in chocolate.

The history of the love of Belgian chocolate in the country goes back to the nineteenth century, when the shipment of cocoa began from the Congo, which was at that time a new African colony for it.

 The Belgian colonies were in Africa, and they obtained cocoa trees at the time.

 and the Belgian factories began to manufacture chocolate from The raw materials needed for it, and she added some sweetened almonds to it in the early 20th century.

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3- Britain

Cadbury Factory in Bournville

If you are planning to visit Britain or if you live in Britain, you can visit the famous Cadbury factory in the "Bornville" area in "Birmingham" in "Birmingham" in the center of "England".

 where special trips are organized through which you learn about the history of cocoa beans, and watch the chocolate manufacturing process In the largest candy factory in the world.

And do not forget that the program gives you the opportunity to taste sweets and get a gift when you leave the place.

4- Chocolates in France

France is the favorite place for lovers, and also for chocolate nerds, as it is famous for its manufacture of the finest types of chocolate, and the rural city of "Tan Lermitage" is one of the most famous cities in the manufacture of French chocolate. From everywhere to see the latest ways to prepare it.

Chocolates in France5

While the French chocolate exhibitions vary, especially in “Paris”, and include antiques and statues made of colored chocolate, the “Valrhona” center has a long history in the world of chocolate, and is distinguished by cocoa beans imported from South Africa.

It has previously organized for tourists a chocolate sailing boat experience.

5- Spain

While the Spanish people are known for their love for chocolate, as chocolate is part of the history of Spanish cooking, and it is the first European people to get acquainted with chocolate.

Chocolates in Spain 6

and "Barcelona" is the capital of chocolate lovers, and a main destination for them. When you visit it, you can wander in the chocolate factories; To know the methods and developments of the delicious chocolate-making process.

You can also go to the Museum of Chocolate in Barcelona, which is called Museu de la Xocolata in Spanish. Perhaps your guesswork now leads you to discover that chocolate in Spanish means Xocolata and is pronounced the same way.

The museum provides the visitor with an integrated picture of the approved method for transforming chocolate from bitter cacao into solid pieces of different flavors, as well as many artworks made from chocolate.

 and it also displays the history and development of this craft in Catalan and Barcelona.

The Spanish city of "Vila Guerza" is known as the city of chocolate, and "Valor" is the best chocolate shop in it, while the city of "Hershey" in Spain is called the sweetest region in the world, because of the popularity of chocolate in the city.