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best laptop 2021 Features,Do not buy before reading these points

best laptop 2021

It may be difficult for you to choose a best laptop from among the dozens of options available in the market currently, as the global laptop market contains dozens of manufacturers.

 and some companies may have more than one brand, each with specifications and advantages that differ from the others.

 But the most important question is how to choose the best laptop specifications? This is what we will try to explain to you in this article.

best laptop 2020

Laptops differ in many ways, whether by the price category, or the type of use, whether you will use it to play your favorite games, or seek to use it in graphic design, video editing, or others.

 Likewise, these devices differ in terms of specifications, such as processor, random memory, storage space, etc..

 and each product has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course there is no so-called "best laptop ever", as each device is the best laptop for those that suit their needs and requirements.

We have compiled a list of the most important criteria for choosing a best laptop:


the size

screen resolution


Random memory

The type of hard drive

Battery life

Fingerprint sensor

1. Operating system

Modern computers work on a number of operating systems, the most important of which are Windows from Microsoft and macOS from Apple. 

There are other operating systems such as Linux or Chrome OS, but today none of them will be mentioned; We'll focus only on Windows and Mac.

 Before choosing the best laptop for you, choose the perfect operating system for you. Choosing an operating system is a purely personal preference and varies from person to person.

 but we will try to clarify some of the differences and leave the decision to you! Windows is the most popular operating system, so there will be more hardware options available and prices ranging from cheap to expensive.

 If you prefer Windows, we recommend that you buy a best laptop with Windows 10.

 As for Mac, it is easier than Windows for those who are not used to using computers. Apple devices are loved by designers and producers, but Apple best laptop are always more expensive than their competitors.

2. Size

Laptops come in a variety of sizes, and the primary purpose of your use of the best laptop is what will determine the most appropriate size for you.

the size

 best laptop size cannot be adjusted later, so think carefully before choosing the right size for you.

 Laptops range in large sizes, with some starting from 11.6 inches, and up to 17.3 inches, through several sizes and sizes between the two sizes.

 There are some well-known and recognized sizes, followed by major brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, and ASUS, as follows:

13.3 inches

15.6 inches

17.3 inches

We consider the ideal laptop screen size between 13-14 inches; This size will give you the perfect weight for ease of use and portability. 

Apart from the screen size, the thickness of each device also differs, as there are thin devices such as ASUS Zenbook or Lenovo Yoga.

 and these devices fall under the name Ultrabooks, and the Dell XPS 13 may come at the top of that category because of its amazing specifications and many advantages.

There are hybrid devices known as 2-in-1, which are best laptop whose screen can be separated from the keyboard, thus carrying the advantages of the tablet (tablet) and laptop together.

 and Microsoft Surface devices are distinguished in this category, and its most important version to date is Microsoft Surface Book.

3. Screen resolution

You may spend several hours in front of your best laptop screen every day, so you have to make sure you get a screen that is comfortable to look at so that you do not suffer after heavy use.

Screen resolution

 The most important thing that a best laptop screen provides in terms of size are: screen resolution, brightness, contrast and colors.

 You must take into account that the screen resolution of your device should not be less than 1080 pixels, for example, and of course it is preferred if it is more than that, as many of the new versions do not have a screen resolution of less than 4K.

 Make sure that you choose a high-resolution screen, if you are one of these:

A gamer lover

You enjoy watching movies and series a lot

Graphic designer or video producer

Screen brightness is important after knowing where you will be using the best laptop. If you know that you will spend a lot of your time in a bright place, then you should choose a best laptop with high brightness.

 Nothing is worse than not being able to read what is on the screen after the screen gets too bright. 

After brightness comes the degree of contrast and color, which is important if you are a designer or want to watch movies and series in high definition.

Finally, some laptop screens may come with additional features such as touch or others. Many modern laptops provide a touch screen, but we do not think it is important, as it is mostly not practical and will only lead to dirtying your screen with a lot of touch.

4. The processor

The processor is one of the most important features that you must take into consideration before purchasing a best laptop

The processor

It is difficult to ignore Intel Core processors when buying a best laptop, regardless of which series you go to, whether Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or even the latest Core i9 series, Intel processor offers the best performance with everyone's testimony.

Most of the new versions of laptops come with an Intel Core i9 processor, which is the best ever at the present time, and make those devices able to compete with desktop computers in terms of processor power.

 but of course it comes at a greater cost, and the latest version of the Intel processor from that series is the version Known as Whiskey Lake.

If you need good performance and at the same time a low cost, we recommend that you choose an Intel Core i7 processor, as it is very distinctive and powerful, especially when it comes to running design, editing and montage programs, etc.

5. Random memory

In the past few years, it was rare for someone to need a random memory exceeding 4 GB or 8 GB at the most, and at that time you could use your device quickly and easily without facing any problems.

Random memory

But these days, you may want to increase your device's RAM capacity to 16 GB as a minimum, and it may reach 32 GB if you use many applications at the same time.

Increased RAM means that your best laptop will allow you to run more applications without slowing down or stuttering, which is of course beneficial to you.

6. The type of hard drive

Although HDDs are cheaper and better at handling large files, they consume a lot of energy and process files very slowly compared to SSDs.

hard drive

SSD drives provide you with much faster speed and work silently without making noise from HDD ones, so if you are going to buy a best laptop, we recommend that you choose an SSD laptop for sure.

The only problem is that SSDs do not come with a large storage capacity, as they often come with a capacity of 128 GB, 256 GB, or even 512 GB, and HDDs with a larger capacity are very expensive, so you often will not be able to buy them. An SSD with more storage capacity.

7. Battery life

The battery life declared by the manufacturers does not refer to what you will discover yourself when using, there are simply many factors that control battery life that are variables from person to person use.

Battery life

 For example, the brightness of your screen and picture quality will affect battery life, as will the number of Apps that you run in the background or connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, all of this will affect your best laptop battery life.

The operating system of your device will also play a major role in determining battery life, which is why Ultrabook devices tend to work on Google's Chrome OS, because it is more energy efficient than any other operating system.

Running graphic and design programs, playing many videos over the Internet, and playing games that need high graphics processing, all of this will definitely affect battery life.

8. best laptop with a fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is a great feature in laptops, it provides more security for the user with the ability to log in faster, and the user can also take advantage of the Windows Hello system of Windows 10.

fingerprint sensor

Passwords can be guessed or hacked, but who can fake a fingerprint? Look for a best laptop with a fingerprint sensor for greater security.



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