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comparison between matebook x vs m1 macbook air review

comparison between matebook x and Macbook Air

Strong competition between Huawei matebook x and Apple m1 macbook air vs pro. The two devices were released to the market this year, so which one is better for you in terms of specifications and price. Who will lead ???

 Before we start reviewing and comparing the two devices, I would like to note that if the purchase is made through our link, we may earn a commission.

comparison between matebook x and Macbook Air

 comparison between matebook x and Macbook Air

Comparing the two matebook x and Macbook Air and mbp laptops is really bewildering, but the systems and the features also differ, so the comparison here will be with the numbers and you will have to read carefully to know what is most suitable for you and your needs.

 matebook x and Macbook Air Design :

Matbook X comes with a very thin design, even the edges of the screen are very thin. You can actually treat it like a magazine, and you can go anywhere without paying attention to weight and size, it is made of magnesium fabric and comes in silver or green.

Macbook Air is known for its light weight and design, this time it comes with features closer to its older brother, MacBook Pro, as well as a smaller thickness, better screen and thinner screen edges, made of aluminum from the 6000 series that offers 100% durability. It comes in three colors, pink, silver and gray.

The design is always a personal taste, but if you have major criteria for purchase, such as a matter of weight and thickness, the matebook x is 20% thinner and lighter, but if you care about strength and bladder, the MacBook Air is made of aluminum with a more bladder.

Screen benchmarks comparison:

Matebook X comes with a 13-inch screen called the Infiniti full view display with a resolution of 3k and the color range of srgb 100%, the shape of the screen design of the type of ltps supports touch that in itself offers many shortcuts that you can do on the same screen.

Macbook air, its screen comes with a size of 13 inch and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and constitutes 82% of the front end and does not support touch. Its screen is very excellent, especially for montage work and one of the most accurate and sharp.

 but the matebook x screen offers higher resolution and is considered thinner and also supports touch bar.

comparison between matebook x and Macbook Air

 matebook x and Macbook Air System analysis :

Matebook X supports Windows 10 home and MacBook Air supports Mac OS with the Catalina version, often the comparison between systems is according to the person’s choice.

so the best system for you and which you are comfortable with is the most appropriate one, as both systems from Microsoft and Apple are mature and their efficiency is very high, and are fully supported on These devices.

Processor of the two devices:

Matebook x comes with a 10th generation Intel is-10210u processor, with 14nm precision, four cores and 8 lines, the frequency is 1,60Ghz-4,20 Ghz, the graphics processor is intel UHD graphics, and the random memory is 16GB of the LPDDR3 type.

As for the Macbook air processor, it is also from the tenth generation i5-1030NG7 and there is a version that supports the i7 and another version is available that supports the i3 four cores with eight lines.

 the frequency is 1,10GHZ-3,50GHZ, the graphics processor intel iris plus and it comes with a random memory of 8GB and 16GB of the type LPDDR4.

In the Geekbench 5 score application test, matebook x gave 1015 points for single core and 3148 points for multiple cores.

While the MacBook Air gave 977 points for a single core, and 2364 points for a multi-core.

It is necessary to take into account that the two devices are light and are for very heavy work, but there are versions that give higher performance if you need to. 

The compatibility of regulations and the type of tasks play a very large role, but after the Geekbench 5 score test, we currently weigh the scales for the matebook x device.

Analyzing battery data for the two devices.

We start with the MacBook Air, which comes with a 49.9 watt-hour lithium battery and a 30-watt charger, while the matebook x comes with a 42-watt-hour lithium battery and a 65-watt charger, and the two devices are charged from the available USB port with each device separately.

Connectivity and storage:

In the matebook x device supports Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 6, the MacBook Air supports Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 5. The storage spaces in the two devices are all of the type of ssd, the first with a storage capacity of 512 GB and the second storage capacity reaches 2TB, all of them support the headphone port.

 The HWAWEI chare feature, which enables you to transfer files at high speed from your mobile phone and on the same laptop, thus, file sharing is very cool on Huawei devices, which is similar to the Rdrope feature that enables you to share files from iPhone to Macbook Air at very high speed.

Apple has long been known as eco sestyme, the system is fully compatible with all their devices and applications, and Huawei also has the same thing between its phones, applications, headphones and all its devices.

We give a point to each of the two devices by virtue of the fact that the Matbook X draws the comparison with its support for WiFi 6, but on the other hand the MacBook Air is tied with it with the advantage of storage capacity.

Additional features:

 The first device offers 4 speakers and gives three-dimensional sound with two microphones, while the second device offers only 2 speakers with a stereo system and supports dolby atmos technology and three microphones directed to capture sound on the basis that they are of the best accuracy.

Both devices have a fingerprint button for safe use, an illuminated keyboard, and of course, we do not forget that the MacBook Air came with an update to the keyboard that became better than its predecessor. 

As for the cameras of the two devices, they are all 720p resolution, but in the matebook x they are hidden in the keyboard to increase safety. 

The fact that the camera is on the front end of some devices reduces the safety feature and controlling the angle of the camera is difficult, especially when you have to raise the laptop a little to get a good angle for the camera.

We seek comparison, after they are equal in sound and camera resolution, the matebook x acquires a hidden camera feature that increases privacy and security.

Finally, we must say that the two devices provide services of high quality and fairy, and that the two companies have always worked hard to give us the best, and in our evaluation we have tilted the scale for the matebook x device with its distinctive features. Direct links for individual purchases from Amazon.